Global Aerospace Logistics, LLC is an Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA) accredited company. Our office is headquartered in Miramar, Florida and was established in 2013. GAL was established to supply, support and provide airlines and aircraft maintenance organizations a selection of high-quality, traceable aftermarket parts at a reasonable cost with exemplary and fast efficient customer service. Since our inception, it has been our goal to be one of the leading aerospace industry supplier for aircraft products in the commercial, regional and general aviation industry. GAL has set out to provide exceptional support and service for helicopter operators worldwide.

Global Aerospace Logistics, LLC carries a wide array of quality parts ranging from landing gears, wheels & brakes, hydraulic components, pneumatics, actuators, windows & doors, waste systems, avionic instruments and aircraft accessories. Our management team and staff are all dedicated industry professionals, trusted by clients and on a mission to engage in the next wave of innovation that is brewing in the aviation industry.

We aspire to win our customers business by earning their trust with every deal offered in the industry by assuring the best quality and pricing. 

Global Aerospace Logistics, LLC has created strategic alliances with different FAA approved repair facilities in an effort to increase repair volume, decrease cost, providing excellent customer service, high quality, reasonable turnaround times, tech support and reliability. Many of our suppliers are OEM approved and are under contract with us. This established foundation combined with continued innovation while seeking new opportunities, fuels our company’s future growth.

Our comprehensive knowledge of all customs, hazardous goods and export control regulations enables us to advise customers with maximum efficiency and safety.

We do acknowledge the presence of varied choices in the selection of service providers and we would like your company to allow us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities in supporting your company’s fleet.

We trust that Global Aerospace Logistics, LLC would meet the criteria of professionalism and dedication set by your institution’s standards. We have provided here a list of the different services and parts we are capable of providing. Kindly review for your consideration.




"We trust that our company meets the criteria of professionalism and dedication that you require. These elements are the foundation of our company and we welcome your contact to the opportunity to serve you and to fulfill your aviation needs."